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The Anchor and Wensum Cribbage Leagues have been established for many years. The popularity of the game cribbage is still growing in Norwich, Norfolk. The WENSUM CRIBBAGE LEAGUE was formerly called the CAMRA (CAMPAINE FOR REAL ALE ) CRIBBAGE LEAGUE. The league was formed in the 70's to accommedate card players on a Tuesday night It changed its name in the late 90's to its present name when CAMRA withdrew their support for the league. Their help with the league was much valued with cups & financial support & Mr Terry Storer (Deceased) who put his name to the KO CUP & SUBSIDARY PLATE TROPHIES. With various other donations of trophies from MACKINTOSH (Chocolates), REMPLOY (Industries for the Disabled) & Paul Box (Deceased) the league prospered. The league had a new sponsor CREATIVE BATHROOM & KITCHEN CENTRE for a short time in the early to mid 2000's Their support helped keep the league on an even footing through difficult times. It is now sponsored by NEW DAWN LEISURE LTD for the 2009/10/11 season THE ANCHOR CRIBBAGE LEAGUE was formed in the 60's by the Anchor Brewery making Bullard's Beer. The league was formed to accommedate card players on a Thursday night. Various business's were asked to donate trophies to the league including John Carmichael Trophies (Deceased). With a firm & steady hand from a very good committee lead by Paul Bell (Secretary) the league prospered to what it is today an excellent league

History of Cribbage

Cribbage is one of the earliest classic card games. Its invention is generally credited to an Englishman John Suckling (1609 - 1642). According to John Suckling's biographer John Aubrey, Suckling was something of a scoundrel by all accounts, "the greatest gallant of his time, the greatest gamester both for bowling and cards, so that no shopkeeper would trust him for sixpence". John Suckling was a poet, a playwright, a traveler, an expert at cards and dice as well as a womaniser and a notorious wit!

Cribbage was known as "Noddy" prior to the modification of the rules by Sir John. In 1630, John Suckling was knighted by the King, but fell from grace several years later.

In 1641, John Suckling was involved in a conspiracy to save a friend who was jailed in the Tower of London. The plan failed and Sir John had to flee England for the Continent. Unable to return to his country, Suckling ended his life a year later, at the age of 33. The game of Cribbage is his legacy.

Suckling was rich, handsome, and generous. He was also very popular and likeable. There are stories telling of Suckling’s unethical feat of distributing a large number of packs of marked cards to the aristocratic masses around England. After the circulation of the cards Suckling is said to have traveled the country playing the local gentry at Cribbage for money. He is said to have made a fortune with his deceptive wins.

Suckling’s lifestyle eventually led to problems for the knight. In 1642 he allegedly got involved in a conspiracy plot to free a friend (the Earl of Stafford) from the Tower of London. He then fled to Paris in an effort to escape the consequences of this attempt. It was there that Suckling committed suicide by poisoning himself at the young age of 33. Before Cribbage, the game of Noddy or Noddie was very popular. Cribbage is simply an extension of that well established Tudor game. The difference between Cribbage and Noddy is that Noddy does not use a Crib.

In the 17th century Cribbage (then spelled ‘Cribbidge’) referred to what is now known as “5 card cribbage”. In the game of Noddy only 3 cards were dealt to each player. Anyone that knows the game of Cribbage will quickly recognize that it is a game of mostly skill. The use of subtle strategies marks the difference between an expert and an amateur.

The stories told about the invention of Cribbage say that the game was invented in or after 1632. But the Oxford English Dictionary’s first reference to the word “Cribbage” was in 1630. That happens to be the year that Sir John Suckling was knighted. Must have been a very busy year for Suckling! However, it does seem very likely that Sir John Suckling did codify the rules for the game and he was responsible for publicizing and spreading the game around – thus leading to its popularity. Cribbage is an enjoyable game and pastime. It’s not difficult to learn but it does take experience to play well enough to determine some of the most strategic plays.